What is the ProfitEdge Consulting Service Approach?

ProfitEdge Consulting's approach is driven on aligning small and medium sized company's product or service delivery processes and the existing human, capital, physical, and intellectual assets to obtain the desired profit targets and goals.

How does the approach start?

The starting point to is always a conversation with the shareholder(s) establishing performance targets and understanding the company's organizational ability to deliver on those targets.  This proven approach incorporates diagnostic methods that assess all aspects of the operation whether it be sales and marketing, human resource, production and delivery systems and finally financial performance.

Next, the results are used as the basis of a collaborative strategy session, which will result in establishing next steps, resource needs, system improvements and/or further research required.  The final deliverable will be a report, study or management tool being practical in nature and meeting the needs of external or internal stakeholders.  

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ProfitEdge Consulting's Specialties

  • Decision-Making - Strategic & Financial (Bankability)
  • Financial and Operational Management
  • Planning (including Operational, Financial, and Strategic)
  • Financial & Operational Reporting System Audits

 - Alignment for Profit - 

The process starts with a conversation - 

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